As a pool owner, summer is the prime time for your hospitable side to shine: It’s pool party time! No matter the occasion, though, there are a few tips and factors you should consider while planning your next pool party.


First and foremost, inviting the right people is vital to having a good time at a pool party. But even then, it’s not just about who you ask to come but when you do so as well. The summer season is a busy time for many people, so you’ll want to give your guests enough time to plan ahead and RSVP. Last-minute events can offer some spontaneous fun, but most people would appreciate the heads-up if you’re able to provide it.

Your invitations should also include any details that your guests should be aware of so the party goes off without a hitch. Perhaps you need them to bring their own towels. Maybe you want to host a poolside potluck, which means everyone needs to supply a dish. Using digital invitations simplifies the planning process, but group chats are even better, so guests can ask clarifying questions if needed.

The Menu

party menu in front of a pool

Your next step should be to plan what you’re providing in terms of refreshments. If you’re having a themed event or celebrating a birthday party, a lot of the heavy lifting is already done for you, as you can let the occasion guide your decisions. In other cases, you’ll probably want to offer simple finger foods that are easy to eat in a poolside environment. 

Drinks should be varied as well. If you’re whipping up some cocktails, don’t forget about the guests who don’t drink. Give them something special to sip on in the form of a mocktail! Above all else, though, ensure your guests have easy access to water, especially if you’re throwing your pool party on a hot day.

Pool Setup

Your pool is going to be the star of the show during the party, so you’ll want to ensure it’s ready for the potential barrage of guests who are desperate to hop in and cool off.

Your first instinct may be to throw out some beach balls and pool noodles, but you have to refrain from bringing out the fun stuff until your pool water is properly balanced. Well-balanced pool water not only keeps swimmers comfortable, but it also ensures your guests are having a safe and enjoyable experience. To make things easier, we at All Seasons Pools and Spas offer free Water Testing Services. Bring in a sample, and we’ll help you get your pool water perfect for your party!

A swimming pool with a pink flamingo float and a black inner tube float.

Also, make sure the area around your pool is safe by removing any trip hazards to prevent accidents.Set up a shady area for guests to relax and escape the hot sun. Umbrellas and canopies are fantastic for this, but if you don’t have any (or your pool area is shade-free), you may want to situate something inside your home so people aren’t forced to bake in the heat all day.


It’s up to you whether you want your pool party to have activities or be more of a free-form hangout. Often, your choice will depend on the vibe of the guests you’re inviting, as some people simply aren’t as fond of a typical pool party itinerary. 

Still, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a few options for people to enjoy at their leisure! For example, you could have a hoop at one end of the pool for a rousing game of water basketball or you could set things up around the yard for people to play when not in the pool. 

family playing in above ground pool

There are quite a few possibilities that will all depend on your guests’ interests. Just try not to feel overwhelmed by the abundance of options available. As mentioned, your pool will likely be the focal point, so don’t stress about other activities too much!


Finally, your guests’ comfort should always be a priority in everything you do. Remember to provide things like bug spray, sunscreen, and extra towels. You might even want to have some blankets and pillows out if you think the party might go into the wee hours of the morning. These small touches are often forgotten, but if you can save even one of your friends from sunburn, they’ll be extremely grateful!

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