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I just purchased my second Sundance Spa three weeks ago. I am very pleased with my decision to return to Sundance Spa. It is easy to work/manipulate and looks very “handsome” in its new location. I especially enjoy the new “waterfall” feature that this spa has and the “light play” that is also a fun addition. My spa is just a three-seater, but it is more than adequate for my household needs. Two thumbs up!!!


Sundance Spa Owner

Purchased an Optima a few months ago replacing our 11yr old Jacuzzi. Great experience with sales staff and love the spa


Sundance Spa Owner

My review is only for All Seasons Pool and Spa service and repairs and specifically for spa repair. I have owned my Sundance for 8 years and have been very happy with it but it has needed some work. Each time Darren has come to my home to look at the spa. He is very knowledgeable and he quickly fixes the problem. Darren’s truck is well stocked with parts and he usually has my spa up and running in no time. Five Stars.


Sundance Spa Owner

I cannot say enough good things about our experience with ASP&S. We had some issues with our old spa as I was trying to keep it alive and it was failing. I went looking for parts and although ASP&S did not carry my brand of hot tub, they busted their tail trying to find parts for the old spa that isn’t even made anymore. So, after some talking with the boss, she and I agreed that it was time to rid ourselves of our problematic old spa. We are on very tight budgets as I just found out that I have some serious health issues and had not expected that a “new” spa would be in our budget in the close future. Yet, we had such a wonderful experience with the staff at ASP&S that we thought we would go kick some tires (so to speak). As we had expected, the beautiful tubs gave us a bit of sticker shock. We met Brandon (the Pleasant Grove store manager) and he said not to be too discouraged. He sharpened his sales pencil, found some Labor Day holiday specials, and worked out a sale that has made us VERY, VERY, VERY happy. I’m a great one for buyer’s remorse…not this time. The Spa was delivered quickly and professionally. Lots of help with my water analysis for just the right chemistry. I tell you, I only give 5-star reviews (if deserved, and few of them) or bad 1-2 star reviews. Any other review rating is just not worth my time. This small company deserves more than the 5 stars posted in my opinion. Thank You, Brandon and the staff and the owner (sorry I forgot everyone but Brandon’s name)


Sundance Spa Owner

These guys are Rock Stars; especially Rebecca. I’ve used a weekly service since I bought this home 3-years ago; I hired the guy who cleaned the pool for the seller. All has been well for 3-years. Last week the pool turned green three days after service and then so cloudy I couldn’t see the bottom. I figured, “what the hey” pool maintenance can’t be that tough. I took a water sample to All Seasons in Granite Bay and Rebecca took my sample and did the analysis. She told me what was wrong, sold me what I needed and by the end of the day my pool went from swamp-like to crystal clear. These guys are the real deal. And, free water samples for life so you don’t need to buy one of those sample kits; just bring it in to All Seasons. I’m a customer for life.


Pool Owner

I have been shopping there since it opened. The staff does not put the hard sell on. They are super helpful and knowledgeable about pools and spas. The manager Mark is great and his customer service is unbelievable! Please support this local business!


Sundance Spa Owner

About a year ago, we contacted All Seasons Pools and Spas to replace our spa in our property located in Nevada City. So far we are pleased with the purchasing of the unit. We are also happy to report that Nate provided a very good and efficient service. He has friendly manners and is knowledgeable and highly professional.


Sundance Spa Owner