For years, hot tubs have been known as a proven hydrotherapy method to help alleviate joint and muscle pain and reduce stress. But, when swim spas were first introduced, they completely revolutionized modern hydrotherapy. This is because instead of being inactive while using a hot tub, you can perform physical exercises in a swim spa, which not only alleviates pain and reduces stress, but also enhances your overall health and well-being.

Some outdoor swim spas even have a dividing wall that splits the swimming area from a separate hot tub area at the other end. This allows you to exercise, as well as relax afterward, and better yet, with the swim spa’s temperature control, you can use water to exercise all year round.
This might leave you wondering what type of hydrotherapy exercises can be performed in a swim spa. So below, we’ll go over a few quick pointers to help you optimize your swim spa workout routine.

Muscle and Strength Training

With an outdoor swim spa, you can do a variety of muscle and strength training exercises.  For example, you can use the water’s natural resistance and try jogging in place in the water against a gentle current, or you can opt for a full-on swim along to varying degrees of propulsion from the swim spa’s pumps.

Even with the spa’s current turned off, you can still experience the benefits of resistance training by going through a range of different motion exercises. Many outdoor swim spas even have a built-in grab bar on the side of the tub to help facilitate workout movements while in the water.

Using Exercise Equipment

Most swim spas come with a variety of accessories and equipment, which can be used to help you with your workout routines. This includes:
resistance bands and rowing bars. By using resistance bands or rowing bars and alternating between different positions, you can perform a variety of different strength training exercises.


Using weights is an excellent way to add a bit of intensity and upper body training to your swim spa workouts.

Flutter Boards and Ankle Fins

These devices are excellent for providing both upper and lower body workouts for adults, and flutter boards can even be used as flotation devices for younger children.

Training Without Equipment

Aside from using equipment, swim spas are designed to allow you to exercise without any additional accessories. In fact, the powerful jets and currents produced by a swim spa are meant to allow you to do free-hand swimming at varying degrees of speed.

This helps promote circulation and muscle movement throughout your entire body.  Using a swim spa also allows you to fully stretch out your limbs, which can help alleviate joints and muscle pain.

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