Are you looking for a new approach to physical therapy?

The solution might be sitting perfectly in your own backyard. Practicing a combination of therapeutic techniques in your outdoor above-ground pool can offer many wonderful benefits. In fact, the therapeutic advantages of physical therapy in a swimming pool have been known for ages. As early as the 1930s, there were many resorts that promoted their hot springs for relief from many physical conditions.

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What is Swimming Pool Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy performed in a swimming pool essentially consists of a set of exercises that focus on varying areas of the body. This includes the neck, back, and down to the feet. Joints should be a prominent focus area as well.

These therapeutic techniques can include a variety of stretches, both static and dynamic, as well as repetitive exercises that both stretch and tone your body.

Also referred to as aquatic therapy, water-based physical therapy performed in the swimming pool tends to be quite effective because the participant is submerged in the water up to their shoulders, allowing the buoyancy to lift most of the pressure from their muscles and joints. This means that these therapeutic techniques will be easier to perform and arguably more effective, due to the fact that your body isn’t under additional physical stress.

Therapeutic techniques performed in the pool should either be conducted or guided by a professional. This means that your physiotherapist or medical professional should either be with you while you perform these techniques, or they should provide you with the proper guidance to practice on your own.

Water Therapy in the Medical Field

The advantages of pool therapy are recognized by medical professionals all around the world, especially physiotherapists. In fact, there are certified medical professionals who perform physical therapy using a swimming pool.

These therapists can help you learn all about these amazing therapeutic techniques, explore a way to perform them at home, educate you on the many benefits, and walk you through each exercise while showing you how to perform them.

How Does Swimming Pool Therapy Help?

There are many basic exercises that can be tried on your own or with the help of a physiotherapist. Regardless of your journey to water-based physical therapy, we strongly recommend that you speak with a medical professional first to ensure your best health.

Water-based physical therapy performed in a swimming pool isn’t just for those who suffer from a medical condition. It can be beneficial to just about anyone and everyone!

Here are a few ways that swimming pool physical therapy can help:

Improved Flexibility

People who suffer from arthritis, aches, and pains, and other physical conditions can experience reduced flexibility in their muscles. Not to mention that modern lifestyles have a lack of bodily activity, which can result in muscles that are even more stiff and sore.

Water therapy is an excellent way to restore healthy flexibility in your body. By stretching and moving your body on a regular basis, you can help improve your range of motion, balance, and overall flexibility.

Strength and Endurance

Swimming pool physical therapy is often used with athletes but can be adapted to the everyday athlete or someone who is looking to include a little more exercise into their lifestyle. Swimming combined with water-based physical therapy provides a healthy way to build strength and endurance within the body.

For this reason, it can also be used if the body has weakened due to some kind of physical trauma.

Stress Relief

Daily life can become extremely hectic, which often leaves us feeling stressed out and exhausted. There are plenty of swimming pool therapeutic exercises that can be followed on your own and work as stress relief. Not to mention that simply spending some time in the pool on a regular basis can help your body to relax in general. Between your physical therapy routine and swimming a few laps or even treading water for a minute or two, chances are you’ll be provided with a distraction from your daily life and have some time to relax.

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