When the summer season winds down, hot tub owners can be left feeling a bit melancholy as the prime time for luxurious relaxation in their hot tub has once again come to an end. But the beauty of a hot tub is that, unlike with swimming pools, you can enjoy them all year round. However, you’re going to want to do a few things to ensure that your hot tub is prepared for the fall season. 

But what exactly is needed for the optimal fall hot tub experience? Read on to find out.

Your Fall Hot Tub Prep Checklist

You can enjoy the cooler weather and the multicolored scenery that fall brings from the comfort of your hot tub, provided you make sure to do the following as the autumn season begins:

Drain, Clean, and Refill Your Hot Tub

You should be draining, cleaning, and refilling your hot tub three to four times a year, so this isn’t a task unique to the fall. However, there’s no better way to kick off a new season in your spa than to give it the full makeover, so why not do it now? 

A hot tub surrounded with yellow leaves on a patio

Once you’ve drained all the water out of your tub, there are a few different ways you can scrub down the shell to get it extra clean. You want to avoid potent cleaning products, as they can affect your water when the tub is refilled, so you can either go with a simple water and vinegar solution or opt for a special hot tub cleaning product.   

There are also some special products that you can use during this time to ensure that your spa’s plumbing gets the same level of deep cleaning that the rest of the tub enjoys.

Clean Out or Replace Your Hot Tub Filters

Your hot tub filters require monthly cleaning if you want them to keep doing their job, and you’ll need to replace them around once a year regardless of how clean you keep them. Right now is a great time to pull out those filters and give them a good washing. If you haven’t replaced them since last fall, it’s a good time to consider getting new ones.

Balance the Water

That fresh new water in your hot tub will look enticing when it’s just been filled, but the sparkling crystal-clear appearance won’t last long unless you add the proper chemicals. You’ll want to heat the water before adding chemicals, and make sure that you’ve got some test strips on hand. Testing the water will help you identify exactly what your water needs. 

It’s also a good idea to make sure that you’ve got all of the chemicals and sanitization products you’ll need for the season at the ready. You don’t run into any issues where your water is not balanced and you don’t have the proper tools to get it back on track.

Raise the Temperature

Provided you’re keeping your hot tub water’s temperature within a safe range, it’s really a matter of preference where you have it set, but typically, you’re going to find it more luxurious and relaxing to have a little more heat during the fall season than during the summer. 

Find that perfect temperature and then take note of it, as you’re not going to want to mess with it too much during the season. Raising and lowering your water temperature too frequently can negatively affect both the water and your utility bills.

Take a Look at Your Cover

man closing hot tub with cover

Ensuring that your hot tub cover is in good shape is always important, but as the fall season rolls around, having a quality cover becomes more important than ever. With leaves and other debris falling from the trees, your hot tub’s water is at risk of becoming a regular maintenance hassle. Additionally, with cooler temperatures, it’s all the more significant that your cover be able to prevent heat loss.

Enjoy Autumn in a Hot Tub From All Seasons Pools & Spas

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