Do you have an above-ground swimming pool? If you do, do you have all the accessories that every pool owner needs to own? There are many different things you can get for an above-ground pool that can make the swimming experience better or make maintaining your pool easier. Here are a few of these necessary accessories.

A Cover

You’ll find many different above-ground swimming pool covers out there, but not all of them are the same. Some are made from thicker materials and are specifically designed to be used during the winter. Others are made from mesh and only prevent large objects from falling into the pool, but they’re much easier to take off than solid covers. Then there are solar pool covers. These covers trap the heat from the sun and use it to keep your pool water warm. You may actually want to invest in two of these covers—one to use regularly during the warmer months when you’re swimming often and a more durable one to use during the winter.

A Liner

Above-ground swimming pool liners are another necessity. Like pool covers, you’ll find a few different types of liners. They’re all made from vinyl, and they all do the same thing: protect the pool frame, retain water, and help keep the pool from collapsing. The difference is in how they’re attached. Overlap liners are easy to put up and are firmly held against the pool wall by a plastic clip. Beaded liners are easier to replace and snap into the pool wall, while unibead beaded liners can be used with several different clips and connectors, so they’re the most versatile option.

A Deck

While you can enter and exit your above-ground pool with the ladder it came with, having a deck or partial deck around it is helpful for a number of reasons. First, it makes getting into the pool much easier. You step up a few stairs onto the deck, where you can put your towels and other items, and then can step into the pool from there. There are no ladders to climb, which makes it much easier for some people. Second, the deck helps provide stability to the pool. Even if you only have a deck running around a third of your pool, that gives it something to brace against and can protect the pool during high winds.

A Heater

If you’ll be using your pool during the cooler months, you may want to look at above-ground swimming pool heaters. They will keep the waters nice and warm for you no matter what the air temperature is. Pool heaters come in both electric and gas options.

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