These days, it seems like everything has an app associated with it – and now, your hot tub is no exception! With the introduction of the SmartTub™ System, it’s now easier than ever to enjoy your hot tub. With the push of a button, you can easily adjust all controls of your hot tub. And you won’t even have to hop out of your spa to do it! Whether you want to change the temperature of your spa, the pressure of the jets or you simply want to improve its efficiency when you’re not using it, you can do it all from your smartphone with your SmartTub™ System!

What Makes the SmartTub™ System So Incredible?

Unlike the hot tubs of the past, the SmartTub™ System has completely revolutionized your hot tub experience. In the past, if you wanted to change the controls of your hot tub when you were using it, you’d have to dart out of the spa and tinker with it manually. This could be highly unpleasant, especially if you were enjoying a soak in cooler weather. Nobody likes needlessly shivering when trying to have a leisurely, hot soak! Now, from the comfort of your hot tub, you can adjust the controls with a push of a button on your smartphone app.

Of course, maximizing your ease of use and comfort when using your hot tub is only one of the amazing features of the SmartTub™ System. Even better, using your SmartTub™ System is a breeze: simply download the app, and its user-friendly interface will help you operate it! You can watch helpful, easy-to-understand instructional videos about your SmartTub™ from the app. These videos will help educate you about your SmartTub™ System, allowing you to better understand how to use and maintain it. Staying on top of its energy usage is a breeze, as well, as it will give you real-time updates of its usage. You don’t even have to be home to adjust the controls. For instance, if you’re on vacation and realize that your hot tub is using too much energy this month, you can simply adjust it from the app.

Gone are the days of puzzling troubleshooting when you have the SmartTub™ System. It watches your hot tub for you and alerts you if there are any issues that need your immediate attention. And don’t even worry about having to contact the manufacturer if you do find any issues. The SmartTub™ System will do it on your behalf, alerting us right away if your hot tub does need any servicing. It truly could not be any easier!

SmartTub™ Systems in Northern California

Did reading about SmartTub™ Systems get you excited about learning more about this groundbreaking technology? If you’re interested in reading more about them, SmartTub™ System! Having a SmartTub™ System can help streamline your life, making it easier than ever to operate your hot tub. Of course, to help make your hot tub even easier to use, you’ll also want some important hot tub accessories, too, such as hot tub steps, hot tub covers, and hot tub cover lifters, too! To view our amazing selection of SmartTub™ Systems and hot tub accessories, please visit our well-stocked and clean showrooms here at All Seasons Pools and Spas in Grass Valley, Granite Bay, North Auburn, Shingle Springs, and Roseville!