Your luxury indoor or outdoor hot tub can be even more impressive with accessories. Maximize the fun and leisure with additional spa accessories that are built with your best health and enjoyment in mind. In this article, we dive into six of the most-desirable hot tub accessories that can change the way you soak indefinitely.

Inflatable Hot Tub Bar

How great is it to have food and drinks right within reach as you enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a steamy hot tub? Inflatable hot tub bars are sectioned off for the storage of drinks and snacks, and there’s even an ice bucket for chilling the beverage of your choice. The inflatable bar can be secured on the side of the spa, or you can let it float in the hot tub. Just make sure to watch for crumbs or spills in the water, as this can lead to unsanitary hot tub water if not treated properly.

Floating Speaker and Light

With a hot tub, food, and drinks, all that’s left for a perfect spa experience is to add music. Fortunately, you can get a waterproof Bluetooth speaker that lights up to ramp up the ambiance. These speakers are rechargeable, and you’ll feel recharged, too, whether playing classical, top 40s, or old-fashioned rock as you soak in your hot tub.

Hot Tub Steps

On the more practical side of things, it’s good to have hot tub steps for safe and easy access. With some available models, you can store towels inside the stair steps. This is a perfect way to keep supplies on hand while maintaining a nice, neat area. The compact storage space could be used for a variety of hot tub accessories you may want to keep nearby.

The best part about hot tub steps? Most are available in a variety of colors and styles, to match the cabinetry of your hot tub with ease.

Submersible Water Seat

If your children or other underage visitors will be using your hot tub, a hot tub booster cushion for kids to sit on is another convenient accessory to buy. Adults can enjoy the spa comfortably and confidently alongside their child, as the booster seat elevates them high enough above the surface. These seats can also act as a buffer, to provide more comfortable seating.

Waterproof Card Games

Just like a swimming pool, the hot tub can be an excellent place for family and friends to have fun together. Bringing a set of waterproof cards into the spa can provide countless hours of entertainment! It doesn’t have to end with Go Fish, many other unique games offer waterproof versions as well. This includes, but isn’t limited to, Uno H20, because who doesn’t love playing Uno?

Cover Lifter

If your hot tub doesn’t have an automatic cover lifter, you may want to put one on your must-have list of hot tub accessories. Hot tub covers are available in a wide range of styles. The CoverMate IIITM, for example, is a hydraulic spa cover lifter that will make your life easier and help to ensure a longer life for your hot tub cover.

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