Working out can undoubtedly put added strain to muscles and joints. Luckily, swimming pools are excellent for those looking for a more comfortable approach to their fitness and workout sessions. Of course, a pool can be beneficial to any backyard or lifestyle, but the health benefits they offer can be truly valuable. Read on to discover some amazing ways to work out in a swimming pool:

Why Fitness is Beneficial

Working out in a swimming pool can offer many benefits.

Fitness, in general, can be extremely beneficial for individuals in of all walks of life. It can help you to lose weight, achieve a healthier lifestyle, keep your blood pressure and circulation in check, as well as increase your morale, improve your mood and the overall quality of your life.

In the water, fitness can prove to be both effective and entertaining. This is exactly why many swimming pool users love to practice fitness in the water, rather than on land. The water can help prevent muscle strain and other injuries, and it can also have a very therapeutic effect, fighting arthritis and chronic pain, for instance. The temperature and buoyancy of the water can help swimmers achieve a more valuable workout.

If you struggle to exercise because of pain issues, working out in the water can help you relax, relieve tension, and ultimately feel better. You can finally find that elusive balance you have been looking for.

Tons of Exercises to Choose From

The great thing about working out in a swimming pool is that you can perform a large number of your favorite fitness routines and exercises in the water. Since many common exercises can easily be adapted to the swimming pool environment, even the most advanced athlete can easily transition to an aquatic workout regimen.

There are so many great exercises that you can perform in a swimming pool, besides of course swimming.

A few examples? The bicycle is an exercise that’s perfect for strengthening legs and your lower abdomen, while frog jumps are amazing for stretching and upper legs muscle enhancement. You could even try some floating stretches, which is essentially allowing your body to float on top of the water while you stretch out your different limbs.

Regular dry-land exercises that can be converted for the pool include:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Push-ups
  • Jumping jacks
  • Calf raises

You can also change it up with some water-based yoga in the shallow end of your pool.

When deciding which exercises to focus on, it’s important to look for a way to cater to different areas of your body during your workout. If you have an exercise targeting your legs, for example, you should make sure you also include one that would target your arms. Balance is key, and you would not want to overwork any particular area while leaving another completely unaffected.

Safety and health

Safety and health are very important when exercising in a swimming pool. If you plan on using your swimming pool to practice fitness regularly, make sure you build a relaxing, safe and secure environment around you. It might be a good idea to use non-slip mats or other safety measures in and around the pool, in order to prevent injuries while working out. It is also recommended to talk to a doctor before starting any fitness regimen. Drinking water regularly and staying hydrated is also a great habit.

You can also regularly check the quality of the water. This will not only help you make sure you are bathing in clean water, but it will also help with pool maintenance duties in the long run, so it’s a win-win!

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