Moving a hot tub might sound like a really daunting task, but it is definitely doable!

With a little bit of planning, the right tools, and some manpower, your hot tub will arrive to its new home in no time at all! Don’t let this sheer size of your hot tub intimidate you with enough patience, anything can be accomplished.

But why would you want to move your hot tub in the first place? Well, there certainly are many reasons why you would like to move your hot tub. Perhaps you’d like to transfer it to a different area of your home, you’re selling the spa to bring a newer model home, or you’re moving to a new house.

Read on to find out more about how to move your hot tub, step by step!

Step 1: Measurements and Specs

The first step towards moving your hot tub to a new place is to make sure you understand the basic specs of your model. Weight, size, and other parameters might affect the moving process and require different methods of transportations.

Look to your hot tub owner’s manual, or contact the experts at All Seasons Pools & Spas for assistance.

Step 2: Empty and Clean

Before moving your hot tub, it might be a great idea to take some time to clean everything. This will make for a fresh start and it will also help you keep your hot tub safer, as some debris might actually scratch the surface of the tub. Needless to say, you will need to empty your tub to prepare for cleaning and transportation regardless if you plan on cleaning it or not!

Before you attempt to move your hot tub, you should always make sure that every part of it is completely dry. Remember to handle every step with care and stay safe! Try using a shop-vac to ensure that all of the water has properly drained from your Sundance® Spas hot tub.

Step 3: Secure All Components

In order to prevent damage to your hot tub while en route to its new location, it is a great idea to secure your components as best as you can. Packaging material and other specialized packing textures can help protect the components of your hot tub. Visit your local moving or storage center to find the best tools and materials for the job.

Also, make sure to isolate and secure the electrical components of your hot tub for maximum safety.

Step 4: Moving the Hot Tub

If you can get some friends or neighbors to help you, you are in luck, because you certainly could use the extra hands! In many cases, the best option is to use a truck and dolly. If you don’t have one big enough, you should be able to rent one to move all of the hot tub components.

Loading your hot tub is not too hard with the help of some dollies, pulls, or other devices, which will help you to efficiently move your hot tub from its original position and into the belly of the truck.

Are you looking for further information or are you looking for professional assistance while moving your hot tub? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts at All Seasons Pools & Spas!