If you’re thinking about purchasing and installing an outdoor swim spa, it’s important to know that swim spa prices are typically broken down into three separate components: purchase price, delivery, and installation costs, as well as the ongoing maintenance costs, such as filling the spa with water and the cost of the electricity that will be needed to run the swim spa. Below, we’ll breakdown these three separate costs of owning a swim spa.

Purchase Price

Depending on the model that you decide to purchase, swim spas can cost anywhere between $7,000 or $8,000, all the way up to well over $30,000.

In other words, they’re not cheap, but that’s still only about half the price of purchasing and installing a pool. And, you can use a swim spa all year round since the water is heated.

At All Seasons Pools and Spas, the average cost to purchase and have a swim spa installed is about $15,000, but the final price will depend on the many customizations that are available.

Delivery and Installation

Unless you’re planning on renting a flatbed trailer to pick up your outdoor swim spa yourself, delivery can cost anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. Delivery costs will vary depending on your location, but it’s important to note that delivery costs do not include the cost of having the swim spa installed and set up.

On the other hand, installation costs are affected by a wide variety of factors, since each installation will be somewhat unique depending on where the spa is to be installed.

The installation cost depends on the level of site preparation that’s required, as well as any electrical work that needs to be done. In some cases, it may even be necessary to use a crane to lift the spa over any buildings or obstructions that are in the way.

You might have the option to choose from an electric or gas-powered swim spa. But, because of their size, electricity is the most efficient power source when it comes to regularly using and heating your swim spa.

This also saves on the cost of needing to run gas lines and the other work that would be required to install a gas-powered swim spa.

Maintenance Costs

When your purchase and have an outdoor swim spa installed, you’ll also need to pay for the water that will be used to fill the tub, as well as any maintenance costs that will be needed in the future. These include the cost of purification chemicals, gas or electricity, and potential repairs if any of your swim spa’s components break down.

Those who purchase cheaper swim spas are more likely to run into maintenance problems and repairs in the future. So, remember that if you try to cut costs up-front on the purchase price, you’ll likely pay for it later down the road.

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