Are you torn between a hot tub and a swimming pool? Consider a swim spa installation instead. Swim spas offer the best of what a pool and hot tub have to offer — fitness and relaxation — in one attractive and convenient unit.

A swim spa allows you to soak and relax in heated water while experiencing a jet massage or to enjoy a cool full-body workout. With sizes ranging from 12 to 19 feet, a swim spa can work in just about any backyard.

Swim Spa Function

Swim spas provide you with a built-in current system, giving you a continuous current to swim against. Created by a jet or propulsions system, the speed of the current can be adjusted to suit your skill.

The temperature can also be adjusted to suit your activity. For instance, if you want to soak in the spa section, you can set it at 102° F but drop it back to 80° F for exercising. Speaking of adjusting, you can also customize the jets according to the style of massage you prefer.

Like hot tubs, swim spas can also be used year-round thanks to the built-in heaters and special insulation.

How to Install

Indoor or outdoor, above-ground or partially- or fully-recessed, there really is no one right way to install your swim spa.

Having a strong, flat surface able to withstand the 20,000 pounds, your filled spa will weigh is an absolute must, however. Locating it near a water source, such as a hose, will make it easier to fill up. It will also require an electrical hook-up by a certified electrician.

The Health Benefits

Swim spas, of course, are ideal for swimming stationary laps, but are also equipped to handle many other forms of exercise. Rowing, resistance training, walking, jogging and even yoga work well in a swim spa.

Although weight loss and management are the most popular reason for working out in the water, this style of exercise has many benefits. From protecting your joints from the impact of traditional exercise to giving you a higher calorie burn to improving your cardiovascular and lung health, the benefits are hard to beat. It can also tone and strengthen your muscles, increase your range of motion and help you combat stress.

SwimLife Swim Spas

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