Maintenance of your backyard pools is absolutely necessary, especially when you own a swimming pool. It enhances the lifespan, functionality and overall aesthetic. Besides having regular swimming pool services and cleaning performed, there are a few extra things you can do to enhance the cleanliness and improve the way you utilize your outdoor space.

Read on to learn more about some of our favorite backyard swimming pool DIYs!

1.    Remove Oil with Tennis Balls

Whenever you enter the pool, the water absorbs all the oils that are on your body like natural body oil, suntans, cosmetic and hair products. These impurities will eventually build up and contaminate the water. We have a solution that will help in cleaning up your pool; you can now just place a tennis ball in the pool and it will absorb all the oils that are presently there.

Toss a tennis ball or two in and leave them for a few days. After they have had a chance to absorb some of the oil and dirt, remove them and replace!

2.    Make a Bed

Do you have an old swimming pool that was replaced by your swanky new one? Well, now you don’t need to sell or trash it anymore. Make some memories with your kids by turning it into a makeshift backyard bed. All you need is an old swimming pool, a sheet, blankets, and some pillows. We would prefer you add some Christmas lights on the top to illuminate the pool as well as your backyard, for both safety and how pretty it will look.

3.    DIY Towel Rack

Take some PVC pipes of different shapes and sizes and make your very own PVC pipe towel rack for the backyard. These DIY racks are super easy to make and don’t occupy much space. Furthermore, you can decorate, accessorize or paint it however you like so that it matches your tastes perfectly.

Not only will you receive a decorative asset to your backyard, but towels won’t be left on the ground anymore either.

4. DIY Drink Holder

Throwing a pool party at your place and wondering how will people get to their drinks? Well then here we are with a fantastic idea. All you need are some pool noodles and a container. Attach the pool noodles on the sides of the small container by making slits down the sides and adjusting them over the sides of the container. There you have it, a floating drink/can holder. Fill it with some drinks and let it float around in the pool, so everyone can have their drinks and some fun.

5. Flower Wreath

The DIY accessories don’t have to stop at the water’s edge! Why not add a boost of color to your backyard by crafting a beautiful floral wreath? This wreath can be hung on the side of the house, on a gazebo, and of course, the back door.

All you need is about 15-20 bunches of artificial flowers, a metal hanger, and some pliers. Once you’ve cut and reshaped the hanger into the shape of a wreath, simply detach each of the flower bunches and loop them through the metal. Once complete, reattach the wire and hang in your preferred place! Watch this video for visual step-by-step instructions.

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