If you’re looking for a way to lend pizzazz to your outdoor hot tub, there’s no better solution than the right hot tub lighting.

While most hot tubs have inner illumination, choosing some lights to highlight the outside of your spa can give your outdoor living area some punch.

Here are some of the best ways you can light up your hot tub installation:

1. Landscape Lighting

This often-used method of lighting up an outdoor space is popular for a reason: it looks phenomenal. Landscape lighting brings visual interest to your yard by highlighting specific sections. Low-voltage lights are used to put the focus on a garden or trees near your spa.

If your hot tub is under a pergola, that can be the focus. Illuminating these elements rather than your spa itself means you can enjoy soft rather than glaring light. This makes it easy on the eyes both literally and aesthetically.

2. Moonlighting

Similar to landscape lighting, moonlighting lends appeal to individual focal points. Soft bulbs, which are used to imitate the moon’s glow, can be mounted on trees or the roof of a structure to illuminate your hot tub. Moonlighting is for you if your goal is an iridescent yet mellow light that can delicately enhance your hot tub.

3. Garden Lighting

If you have a garden near your hot tub, lights can bring illumination and visual interest to both. There are many ways to add light to your flowerbeds. You can line the perimeter of the garden or install lights in the earth that can be angled toward shrubs or even a birdbath.

Illuminating taller elements like trees can make your garden appear larger while creating eye-catching contrasts of lights and darks. There is no wrong way to do it — as long as you don’t over do it. Remember, less is always more when it comes to lighting.

4. Flood Lights

Flood lights are perfect for shining a light on large spaces. Similar to spotlights, flood lights are mounted to shine down on any large space be it a patio or your back yard. They can be mounted from trees or the roof of a structure, making your yard functional even at night. Keep in mind, unless your goal is a well-lit space, this type of lighting isn’t for you.

5. Path Lighting

Lighting up a path to your spa is a great way to add some subtle drama to your outdoor space. For a neat and stylish look, lighting can be installed along both sides of your walkway.
The two most popular choices for path lighting are low-voltage or solar LED options.

These lights typically consist of a decorative bulb-housing unit that is driven into the ground with a stake.
We recommend solar lights because they are much easier to install and save you money on energy.

Keeping the lights functional is as simple as placing a solar rechargeable battery or remote solar panel someplace in your yard where it will receive a lot of sun. Even if your path is shaded, they should be alight well into the evening.

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