One of the most persistent and common areas for pain is the dreaded lower back area.  We’ve all had to deal with the annoyance that lower back pain brings.  But what if there was a simple solution that you could begin right away? Welcome to the wonderful world of swim spas!

An outdoor swim spa can provide pain relief to every part of your body.  Even the simplest swim spas for sale can allow for complete comfort and relaxation while solving the everyday pain that most people feel.  With a few simple stretches in your spa, you can alleviate that pesky back pain in a much more comfortable way than through a chiropractor! Let’s take a look at five swim spa stretches that will relieve even the trickiest of back pains.

1. Straight leg hamstring stretch

Most lower back pain is caused by tight or weak hamstrings.  The single leg hamstring stretch is easily accomplished in an outdoor swim spa by sitting comfortably in one corner.  Take your leg and bring your knee gently into your chest.  You will then grab your ankle with both hands and slowly extend the same leg back straight as far as you can.  You simply stop extending once you feel a gentle stretch in your hamstring.  Hold the stretch for eight seconds and bring the knee back to chest.  Repeat 3-5 times per leg.

2. Single leg takeover

For this stretch, you will need to get in a seated position along one of the sides of your spa.  You will bring your knee to your chest.  Take the opposite arm and bring it to the outside of your knee.  While putting pressure on the knee with the arm, you will slowly and gently turn your upper body towards the leg with the knee up.  Don’t let your chest drop down and try to avoid allowing your knee to move.  Once you are at a point where you feel a bit of pressure in the lower back, hold the stretch for eight seconds.  Repeat this stretch each way 2-3 times.

3. Knee Tucks

A knee tuck is simple and fun! You will stand in the middle of your spa.  Simply bring both feet from the bottom with a hop and bring your knees up towards your chest.  This is meant to be a quick twitch movement that will work to provide healthy movement to the lower back.  Do 4-5 sets of 8-10 tucks.

4. Mountain climber stretch

While on the stomach, grab onto the side of your spa and allow your body to extend into the middle.  This is where purchasing a larger model pays off when looking at swim spas for sale! You will carefully bring one of your knees toward the side of the spa you are facing while keeping the other leg straight.  Hold for just a few seconds, and switch legs.  This ‘climbing’ motion feels great underwater!

5. Knee Twists

For this stretch, you will put your back against one of the sides of your spa and place your arms on the upper edge to hold yourself up.  Bring both knees into your chest as high as you can and hold for a second.  Next, gently twist your hips back and forth, making sure to keep your knees to the chest and tight to your body.  The higher your knees are, the more effective the stretch is for the lower back.  Be sure to keep your back in contact with the side of the spa.

Swim Spas for Sale at All Season Pools and Spa

Swim spa prices are more affordable than ever, and the benefit that they can have on your life is priceless.  Lower back pain relief is just one of the many bonuses that outdoor swim spas can offer.  For more information visit the experts at All Season Pools and Spas. You can find us at one of our many locations in Granite Bay, Grass Valley, North Auburn, Roseville, and Shingle Springs, California.