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SwimFit AquaStream 17

SwimFit AquaStream 17


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SwimFit AquaStream 17


The Ideal Universal Aquatic Gym

210" x 93" x 53"
2400 gal
Seats 3 Adults
Open Seating
22990 lbs. Filled
2890 lbs. Dry
28 Jets
ClearStream - Mineral Based System

Experience nothing but the best

About the SwimFit AquaStream 17 Hot Tub

If you love to have fun when you workout, the Aquastream SwimFit swim spa is for you! The Swimfit Series combines powerful swim jets with cross-training functionality for maximum range of motion. Its unique layout and standard equipment make it an extremely versatile underwater gym. It is also the first swimspa to incorporate the best water management in the industry, giving you clean, sparkling water during every workout!

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Features of the SwimFit AquaStream 17 Swim Spa

Swim Boost Pump Design

Two 5hp SwimBoost Pump Producing up to 360 Gallons/minute per jet One 3hp Buoyancy Pump Located Close to Jets

AquaChannel Shell Design

No Reflective Wave Keeps Swimmer in swim lane Largest unobstructed swim tank Stabilization Hip Jets

AquaFlex Jet Technology

Two AquaFlex Swim Jets Oval design flattens the water for a smoother swim

Variable Current

JetFlex Swim System 3.5 mph / 5 kph Adjustable speed Vary flow of water and adjust intensity

Optional Features of the SwimFit AquaStream 17 Swim Spa

Wave Rider Technology

The exclusive control offers finger tip control of the swim current from inside the swim area.

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