sundance spas in california

Our vast selection of high-performance hot tubs is truly exceptional.



Inspired engineering and proven reliability in every spa.

Spa Technology: You know how important it is to choose a spa that is made of the highest quality components, designed and manufactured to exacting standards. Sundance delivers the quality you expect, plus convenient and energy-efficient features.

    • Digital read-out of actual water temperature.
    • Push button operation.
    • Flip the digital display to read from inside or outside the spa.

    hot tub technology in SydneyPURE AROMATHERAPY
    • Sundance Spas' SunScents™ infuses the water with air-driven fragrance.

    • Innovative Therapy Seat
    • Jets target between 10 to 14 acupressure points.
    • Versatile Jets
    • Combine jets for specific massage types, from bold to gentle.

    sundance spa plumbing in SydneySECURE HARNESS PLUMBING
    • Allow precise clustering of jets, equalizes water pressure to each jet, enhances pumping efficiently and enables more secure fittings.

    sundance technology in australiaFULL-FOAM INSULATION
    • Overall foam conserves heat and supports spa plumbing. High-density, heat-resistant foam surrounds the equipment bay; lighter foam insulates elsewhere.

    hot tub cabinets in australiaHIGH-QUALITY CABINETRY
    • SunStrong™ UV-resistant synthetic cabinetry is durable and maintenance-free.
    • Comes in four colors: Coastal, Mahogany, Autumn Walnut, and TerraStone (availability varies by model).
  • spa cleaning in SydneyMICROCLEAN SYSTEM
    • (880, 850 and 850E Series spas
    • Filters from two directions; spa's main pump pulls water through pleated filter and 24-hour circulation pump pulls water through microfiber element.
    • Produces an unprecedented level of water purity.
    • FDA-compliant and approved by the National Sanitization Foundation.

    hot tub pumps in SydneyPOWERFUL PUMPS
    • Single, dual or triple pumps provide a generous amount of massage power.
    • Filtration mode quietly and efficiently offers continuous filtration and ozone production.

    hot tub heater in SydneyEFFICIENT SENTRY SMART™ HEATER
    • (on select models)
    • Titanium coil directly heats water, increasing thermal efficiency and reducing costs.
    • Titanium prohibits heater corrosion and failure.
    • Five-year unconditional warranty.

    hot tub controls in SydneyRELIABLE SYSTEM CONTROLS
    • A Sundance exclusive.
    • Customize water/air pressure, select jets/direction. Program filtration and temperature.
    • Microprocessors check functions and regulate temperature for energy efficiency.

    • Provides a moisture barrier.