Health Benefits

life is better with a hot tub

You are better equipped to enjoy the best things in life when you have the health benefits provided by an outdoor hot tub or swim spa. Good health, friends, and family are at the top of most lists of what’s good about life. Hot tubs and outdoor swim spas and various hot tub accessories create an ideal setting for socializing with friends and loved ones. In addition, there are a few things you can invest in that provide so many physical and mental benefits. The following are a few of the ways that swim spas and hot tubs can improve health.

Benefits of owning a Hot tub

  • Revive Energy in Sacramento

    Too much time on the couch?
    A hot tub soak can revive and increase your energy level.


  • Aromatherapy in Sacramento

    Not in the mood?
    Perk up and add an evocative fragrance to your hot tub water.


  • Reduce stress and sleep better in Sacramento

    Too much stress?
    An effective way to reduce stress and get more sleep.


  • Reflexology in Sacramento

    Need a massage?
    Our jets can loosen some of the 7,000 nerve endings in your feet.


  • Workout therapy in Sacramento

    Workout weary?
    Massage therapy from a hot tub takes care of your aches and pains.


  • Arthritis Relief in Sacramento

    Stiff arthritic joints?
    From "simply relaxing" to "physically therapeutic" for medical conditions.



  • Improved Sleep

    Improved Sleep

    Sleep is essential to good health and well-being. Regular use of a hot tub can help individuals overcome sleep disorders such as insomnia. About 132 million people in the U.S. have problems sleeping, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Studies show that soaking in a hot tub before going to bed results in sleep that is deeper, more continuous, and more restful.
  • Reduced Stress

    Reduced Stress

    Stress and high cortisol levels in the body go hand-in-hand and are proven to have an adverse impact on health. Cortisol levels are decreased when using a hot tub. If you have a busy schedule filled with stressful moments, a spa could melt that anxiety away. A soothing hot tub or swim spa can help you maintain a well-grounded life. The comfortable environment with warm water and massaging jets accommodates a shift into a relaxed mode in which you leave the day’s stress behind.
  • Ease Muscles

    Ease Muscles

    A hot tub eases muscle tension and sooths sore joints, making them more pliable. You can enjoy improved mobility because a spa reduces joint inflammation. The heat plus the deep tissue massage provided by water jets provide relief for aches and pains. Recovery time and healing from sports injuries is sped up with the use of a hot tub, as well.
  • Arthritis Relief

    Arthritis Relief

    Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are associated with chronic pain that can reduce quality of life. Relief can usually be found, however, by routinely spending time in a hot tub. The warm water helps arthritis sufferers to gently stretch. As a result, they experience improved mobility, flexibility, and grip strength. It is always important to consult a physician regarding medical decisions. Many doctors recommend a hot tub for temporary pain relief and improved quality of life.