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5 Hot Tubs Making a Splash in 2020

The Kingston from Sundance Spas in a large backyard.

There’s a large range of hot tubs on the market, and because of that, choosing the right one can be difficult. Researching hot tubs can seem like a daunting task because of all the features, sizes, shapes, and price points. However, with the expert help of All Seasons Pools & Spas, you’ll find the perfect model in no time! Below, we’ve listed some of the most popular hot tubs in 2020.

Reasons to Install Your Hot Tub Inside

Indoor hot tub installation.

Deciding where to install your hot tub is a big decision for many people looking to become hot tub owners. Choosing the right location for your hot tub will mean that you get the most out of it. While some people opt to place their hot tub outside, many people have the option to install theirs indoors. Installing a hot tub indoors has many advantages over placing one outdoors, including a controlled environment, privacy and safety, and aesthetics.

The Best Hot Tub Accessories to Gift This Holiday Season

Hot tub aromatherapy accessories.

Do you have a hot tub owner in your life? Well, getting them a hot tub accessory as a gift this year might just put a smile on their face. Contrary to belief, hot tub accessories are at all different kinds of price points. So, whether you want to go all-out or keep it simple with a small gift, there’s a hot tub accessory right for any occasion! Whatever you choose, it’ll be sure to impress any hot tub owner.

Easing Headache Pain with a Hot Tub

Outdoor hot tub installation on a deck.

Very few things compare to the pain associated with a headache. Whether it snuck up on you out of nowhere, or you felt it creeping on you for a couple hours before and were trying to fight it off, a headache can quickly knock you off your feet and sap you of your energy. While there are many things that can cause a headache – ranging from stress at work to poor diet – the actual cause of the headache itself can seem irrelevant when you’re trying to get rid of it. If you’re struggling with pain from a headache, don’t despair. You can actually get safe and lasting relief from it by enjoying a leisurely soak in your hot tub.

Benefits of Hot Tub Aromatherapy

Outdoor hot tub installation.

No matter what kind of aches and pain you suffer from, a quick hop in the hot tub with the right scents can be an effective remedy for whatever ails you. Whether you suffer from headaches, back pain, or poor sleep patterns, using your Sundance® Spas hot tub combined with aromatherapy fragrances can help relieve you from these vexing health issues in no time flat. By using aromatherapy in your hot tub, you can find safe and effective relief from a variety of health concerns. We are pleased to offer eight great scents to get you started, all just as easy to get into as one of our affordable hot tubs!

What is the SmartTub™ System?

Woman and man sitting outside of the hot tub using the SmartTub System.

These days, it seems like everything has an app associated with it – and now, your hot tub is no exception! With the introduction of the SmartTub™ System, it’s now easier than ever to enjoy your hot tub. With the push of a button, you can easily adjust the all controls of your hot tub. And you won’t even have to hop out of your spa to do it! Whether you want to change the temperature of your spa, the pressure of the jets, or you simply want to improve its efficiency when you’re not using it, you can do it all from your smart phone with your SmartTub™ System!

Using Your Hot Tub to Treat Arthritis

Woman speaking to man who is soaking in the hot tub.

If you or somebody you care about has been directly affected by arthritis, then you probably know how life-altering this condition can be. Having arthritis can make it much harder to enjoy the basic things in life, making it more challenging to do simple things like get dressed, take a stroll around the block, play with pets, and spend time with family. Finding a safe and reliable treatment for this issue is important, not only for your physical wellbeing, but also for your mental health. If you struggle with arthritis, you may be pleasantly surprised to learn how your hot tub can provide you with lasting relief from its painful symptoms.

Relieving Stress with an Outdoor Hot Tub

Relieving Stress with an Outdoor Hot Tub

When getting a hot tub, most are sold on the fact it will be a huge stress reliever. This is not by any chance false. As a matter of fact, people often end up influencing their best friends and family members to invest in one too. This is because the benefits are real, especially the stress relief aspect. No one gets into a hot tub and gets out the same. It almost seems as if a weight is always lifted off them. Whether it’s physically or emotionally, since water is a great healer all by itself, then maximized by the features of modern spas.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at how the wonderful environment of a hot tub can help you and your loved ones to relieve stress

The Importance of Hot Tub Service

The Importance of Hot Tub Service

You have been dying to get a hot tub for yourself. So, you finally do so and have it installed in your house or in your backyard. Now, you have envisioned a great time relaxing in it for the rest of your life. You can’t wait to leave work and come soak in it. Even your friends and family are lining up, waiting to get inside and enjoy the luxurious water. This goes on for two months and suddenly, the water in your hot tub is no longer getting heated and you have no idea why. This is what happens when you do not pay attention to the service needs and proper maintenance of your hot tub. If unchecked for a long time, you might end up with irreparable damage.

To save your money, keep your hot tub for years to come and enjoy an overall positive experience, here is what you need to know about the importance of regular hot tub service.

Planning the Perfect Poolside Date Night

Man and woman enjoying a date by the pool.

Imagine this: you have been out with that certain someone a few times already. Perhaps you took the movie and popcorn route or maybe you ordered that expensive bottle of wine to share. Whatever the case, things are moving along really well so when you invited them over to your home for a poolside date night - and they said yes!

What do you do now? In this article, we’re going to walk you through the steps to planning and executing the perfect poolside date night!

The Simple Guide to Teaching Your Kids How to Swim

Woman swimming with her child.

Learning how to swim isn’t just for athletes or teenagers, but for little ones as well. It can be a valuable life skill that helps take the fear out of not only owning a pool, but also any water that may be over their heads such as a lake, river, or the ocean. If you own a pool and would like to teach your kids how to swim, this helpful guide can help you get started on the right foot.

Accessories Every Above-Ground Pool Needs

Outdoor pool deck.

Do you have an above-ground swimming pool? If you do, do you have all the accessories that every pool owner needs to own? There are many different things you can get for an above-ground pool that can make the swimming experience better or make maintaining your pool easier. Here are a few of these necessary accessories.

The Benefits of an Above-Ground Pool Heater

Girl floating in the pool on an inflatable donut.

Want to keep using your above-ground swimming pool for a few more weeks or months, even though it’s already getting chilly out? One great solution to this is to install one of the many different above-ground swimming pool heaters. These devices will keep the waters in your pool nice and warm no matter what the temperature is. There are a number of reasons why these heaters are a great addition to any backyard pool.

The Pool Owner’s Guide to Care and Maintenance

Person skimming pool water with a net.

Nothing is quite as refreshing as a cool swim on a hot day. From relaxing poolside to swimming laps to having a water fight with your kids, a pool can bring endless hours of relaxation and enjoyment to your family. It’s not all fun and games, however. Ownership also comes with a lot of responsibility — and that means educating yourself about how to keep your pool in good shape.

Learning to care for your pool’s water, interior walls, filter system, and its skimmer and return system is key to keeping your pool clean and in good repair.

Is an Outdoor Hot Tub Right for Me?

Woman relaxing in an outdoor hot tub.

If you’ve been wondering if an outdoor or indoor hot tub is right for you, it’s good to explore the advantages of both. In the end, it boils down to what is best for your lifestyle, home and budget. Do you prefer the soothing sounds of nature? Getting some fresh air at the end of a long day? Or is your backyard not well-suited for a hot tub installation? No matter your situation, we guarantee that there is a solution for you. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the advantages of both indoor and outdoor hot tub installations.

What Hot Tub Accessories Should I Buy?

White Sundance Spas Brand hot tub with hot tub steps as an accessory.

Your luxury indoor or outdoor hot tub can be even more impressive with accessories. Maximize the fun and leisure with additional spa accessories that are built with your best health and enjoyment in mind. In this article, we dive into six of the most-desirable hot tub accessories that can change the way you soak indefinitely.

How Much Do Swim Spas Cost?

how much do swim spas cost

If you’re thinking about purchasing and installing an outdoor swim spa, it’s important to know that swim spa prices are typically broken down into three separate components: purchase price, delivery, and installation costs, as well as the ongoing maintenance costs, such as filling the spa with water and the cost of the electricity that will be needed to run the swim spa. Below, we’ll breakdown these three separate costs of owning a swim spa.

Get in Shape with a Swim Spa

Get in Shape with a Swim Spa

For years, hot tubs have been known as a proven hydrotherapy method to help alleviate joint and muscle pain and reduce stress. But, when swim spas were first introduced, they completely revolutionized modern hydrotherapy. This is because instead of being inactive while using a hot tub, you can perform physical exercises in a swim spa, which not only alleviates pain and reduces stress, but also enhances your overall health and well-being.

Some outdoor swim spas even have a dividing wall that splits the swimming area from a separate hot tub area at the other end. This allows you to exercise, as well as relax afterward, and better yet, with the swim spa’s temperature control, you can use water to exercise all year round. This might leave you wondering what type of hydrotherapy exercises can be performed in a swim spa. So below, we’ll go over a few quick pointers to help you optimize your swim spa workout routine.

5 Swim Spa Stretches for Lower Back Pain

5 Swim Spa Stretches for Lower Back Pain

One of the most persistent and common areas for pain is the dreaded lower back area.  We’ve all had to deal with the annoyance that lower back pain brings.  But what if there was a simple solution that you could begin right away? Welcome to the wonderful world of swim spas!

An outdoor swim spa can provide pain relief to every part of your body.  Even the simplest swim spas for sale can allow for complete comfort and relaxation while solving the everyday pain that most people feel.  With a few simple stretches in your spa, you can alleviate that pesky back pain in a much more comfortable way than through a chiropractor! Let’s take a look at five swim spa stretches that will relieve even the trickiest of back pains.

How Swim Spas Can Help You Live A Healthier Life

How Swim Spas Can Help You Live A Healthier Life

Are you in the market for a swim spa? Have you ever wondered about the benefits? A hybrid of a swimming pool and hot tub, swim spas provide the perfect place to relax and get your swim on!  Swim spas are an ideal solution for any home or setting and can add a benefit that goes well beyond an over-the-counter remedy.  Keep reading to learn how they can help you live a healthier life.

Life Is Better With a Hot Tub

Life Is Better With a Hot Tub

You are better equipped to enjoy the best things in life when you have the health benefits provided by an outdoor hot tub or swim spa. Good health, friends, and family are at the top of most lists of what’s good about life. Hot tubs and outdoor swim spas and various hot tub accessories create an ideal setting for socializing with friends and loved ones. In addition, there are a few things you can invest in that provide so many physical and mental benefits. The following are a few of the ways swim spas and hot tubs can improve health.

Health and Wellness Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Health and Wellness Benefits of Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy in an outdoor hot tub is like a well-kept ancient secret that provides health and wellness benefits for everyone. This secret to a better, more luxurious life was discovered in early times. From then till now and around the world, hydrotherapy is used as a treatment for muscle and joint pain, stress, arthritis, musculoskeletal disorders, sleeplessness, and more.

6 Simple Ways You Can Relieve Stress Right Now

Hot tub at the edge of the water by kayaks.

Nowadays it’s very hard to be stress-free. Mainly because of the busy lifestyles we partake in every single day. For many of us stress feels like it’s just a part of our lives now, but it doesn’t have to be that way. If you’re feeling particularly stressed, then we have some solutions for you.

Here are six ways to relieve stress right now!

DIY Backyard Swimming Pool Hacks You’ll Love

Tennis ball on the grass.

Maintenance of your backyard pools is absolutely necessary, especially when you own a swimming pool. It enhances the lifespan, functionality and overall aesthetic. Besides having regular swimming pool services and cleaning performed, there are a few extra things you can do to enhance the cleanliness and improve the way you utilize your outdoor space.

Read on to learn more about some of our favorite backyard swimming pool DIYs!

The Ultimate Guide to Swimming Pool Therapy

Woman swimming on her back.

Are you looking for a new approach to physical therapy? The solution might be sitting perfectly in your own backyard. Practicing a combination of therapeutic techniques in your outdoor above-ground pool can offer many wonderful benefits. In fact, the therapeutic advantages of physical therapy in a swimming pool have been known for ages. As early as the 1930s, there were many resorts that promoted their hot springs for relief from many physical conditions.

For more information, keep reading!